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Demo Mix CDs

Listed Below Are Mix CDs That Were Recorded Live By Myself.  This will give you an idea of my style of mixing.

You will never hear me fade out a song and fade in another.   All songs are mixed beat to beat to maintain

that high energy on the dance floor, ensuring your guests dance the night away!

All of DJ For All Occasion's mix CDs are mixed live.  Lots of genres available to check out.  These links will take you to an external website called SoundCloud.    

Custom mix CDs available upon request.

70's & 80's Mix CD:

90's Mix CD:

3-Hour Top 40/Pop Mix CD:

Top 40 Hip Hop/Pop:   

(40 tracks in 1 hour 13 minutes)

EDM/Pop remixes:   

This mix, I took many popular top 40 hip hop songs, and remixed them into a high energy dance music set!

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